“Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?” John 20:15

            There was a rumble deep in the earth. The ground shook mightily. With loud cracks, huge rocks split open. People gathered on Golgotha were knocked off their feet as rocks rolled and earth crumbled.

In the tombs, graves broke open and many Godly people who had died were raised to life. They walked about, even into town, and after Jesus’ resurrection appeared to many people. (from Math. 27:52)

The centurion and guards near the cross saw the great earthquake and graves being opened and they said, “Surely this is the Son of God!” A miracle had been demanded and a miracle they received. The mighty hand of God, shaking the earth, tearing the curtain in the sanctuary and raising people from the dead. But still many did not believe.

Near the cross a group of people huddled on the ground, where they had fallen when the shaking began. Mary Magdalene rose to a sitting position. She looked up at the battered figure on the cross. The body of her beloved Teacher and Lord was limp, his head hanging slack. On the ground beside her, lay the mother of Jesus, her heart wrenching sobs and cries the only sounds that were heard. On her other side Mary, the aunt of Jesus and Salome were just sitting up.

Mary raised her tear-stained face to gaze at her Son on the cross. “He is gone!” She wailed. “It is over. It was all for naught. The years hiding in Egypt, the hours of learning in the temple, the preaching, the miracles, the suffering, all for nothing.” Her voice could barely be heard as her words carried the grief of a mother’s heart. “He healed hundreds, He saved others, why in the name of our God didn’t He save Himself?” She fell to the ground as her keening cries rose in the still evening air.

Mary Magdalene put her arms around the sobbing woman and pulled her close. “He also raised Lazareth from the dead. We can not forget that. It is not finished!”

The other women crowded around Mary to comfort and console her. They shielded her eyes when the soldiers came to break the legs of the crucified criminals so they would die before the Sabbath began. Jesus was dead however, so they rammed a spear in his side and blood and water poured out.

The woman who had followed Jesus watched as a rich man from Arimathea, Joseph, by name, took the body down, along with Nicodemus. Wrapping Him in linen cloth and spice, they laid Him in a nearby tomb. Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus sat nearby and watched as the men rolled a heavy stone across the opening.

The crowds had gone home shaking their heads. The disciples apparently had fled and were hiding. John took the mother of Jesus home and the other women ministered to her since her heart was torn in two.

All night and all the next day, despair settled on them like a cloak, heavy and dark. Visions of Jesus’ suffering played back in Mary Magdalene’s mind over and over. This was not what they expected. Jesus their Teacher was the Messiah, or God with us, but wasn’t He supposed to reign as conquering King for Israel? Wouldn’t He deliver them from their bondage and lead them to be a great nation? Wasn’t He God? And yet He let them lead Him to slaughter like a lamb. He never said a word. He did nothing to save Himself!

Mary had expected something great. Many angels coming from Heaven to take Jesus from the cross. Or even after He was dead and lying on the ground, she had expected life to come back into His battered body. She thought He would have risen again and walked with them. As He said.

Was He really the Son of God? Was He truly the Messiah? Mary had been so sure. After all He had fed thousands of folks on a few fish and two loaves. Hundreds had been healed from grave sicknesses. He had even brought a few back from the dead. How could things have gone so wrong? Mary had not expected this. Not this darkness. Not this horror. Not evil and death. No not this.

I so often think God will work a certain way. When darkness comes, when suffering comes, when death comes, I am knocked to my knees. I don’t expect it. A mighty God would not work that way. Would He? Would He allow His very own Son to die a horrible, violent death?

Well, yes He would! Yes He did. To save my soul, to save your soul, He did.

Would a loving God allow suffering and trials in our lives? Oh yes He does! To save souls. To test us. To draw us closer to Him. To train us for battle. To develop our faith muscles. So others will see His glory shining in us. So a cloud of witnesses will see our faith in Him. Oh yes, you bet, He does.

The religious leaders were not satisfied with Jesus being only dead. To keep Him in the grave, they secured the tomb by putting a seal on the huge stone at the entrance then posted guards to stand next to it.  Why were they afraid of a dead man?

The day after the Sabbath, Sunday, in the predawn stillness, Mary Magdalene, Mary, the mother of Jesus and Salome, the wife of Zebedee, walked to the tomb with spices to anoint Jesus’ body.

“How will we roll that big stone away?” Mary Magdalene whispered. The others just shook their heads.

Coming in sight of the tomb they stopped. Would the guards let them near. An eerie stillness filled the air. Not a sound was heard, nothing stirred in the gray dawn. Then a Morning Dove called. All else in the garden was silent. The women waited, holding their breath. Expectancy hung in the air like the morning mist amongst the lilies.

What is it? Mary Magdalene thought, What is about to happen?

A rumble started deep in the earth, like a low growl. It grew until it was a roar. Mary looked at her companions, their eyes were wide in fear.   Like the hour when Jesus died, the ground began to shake. Violently the earth shook, the trees swayed, rocks rolled from the cliffs near by, the women fell to the ground.

With mouths open, Mary and the others watched as a glowing white figure descended from Heaven and landed in front of the tomb. An angel! Who appeared like lightening, so bright Mary couldn’t look at him, and his clothes were whiter than anything she had ever seen.

The angel took hold of the stone and with a grating sound rolled it away from the tomb. Then he sat on it. The two guards who had been standing like statues, fell to the ground in a dead faint.

Mary and her companions stayed on their knees and bowed their heads.

“Don’t be afraid,” the angel said in ringing tones, “I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.   He is not here, He has risen! Just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay. Then go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see Him. Now I have told you.”

Mary slowly rose from the ground and crept up to the tomb’s entrance. She peeked inside. In the dim light she could see nothing. Stepping in farther she saw a white cloth laying on the low stone bench, a scarf folded at the head, and nothing else. No body of her Lord.

With a gasp she turned from the tomb, ready to tell the others that Jesus’ body was gone, but they had left.   Shocked and confused, Mary sat on a stone near by and wept bitterly. She had been strong to this point, but the disappearance of her Beloved’s body was too much.

Mary and Salome hurried excitedly to tell the descilples what the angel had said. Suddenly in front of them stood a man. They stopped.

Mary gasped. “Jesus!” .

“Rejoice!” Jesus said, with a smile. “I am alive!”

“My Son!” Mary ran to Him along with Salome and falling on the ground before Him, they held His feet and praised Him.

“Do not be afraid,” He told them, “Go and tell My brethren to go to Galilee and there they will see Me.”

Jesus is the Light

Mary Magdalene was sitting near the tomb and weeping when John ran up and bending over looked inside. Then Peter stormed into the tomb and John followed. After a few moments they both came out and walked quickly away talking excitedly to each other.

Mary wondered what they saw there, maybe she had missed something so, she walked to the tomb. Bending over she peered into the dark cave. Her eyes were blinded by a great light and she saw two angels sitting there. One at the head and one at the feet of where the body of Jesus had lain.

“Woman,” one angel said, “why are you weeping?”

“Because they have taken away my Lord and I don’t know where they have put Him.” Stricken by grief and shock, Mary could not grasp what she had heard from the first angel.

With head bowed and tears running down her face she turned from the tomb. A man stood before her with the rising sun glowing behind him.

“Woman why are you weeping? Who is it you are seeking?” He asked.

Shielding her eyes from the bright sun, and thinking it was the gardener, Mary pleaded, “Sir if you have carried Him away, please tell me where you have put Him and I will get Him.”

Unable to take her pain any longer, Jesus said, “Mary.”

That one word was enough. He called her name and she knew Him.

“Teacher!” she cried.   She rushed to Him and wrapped her arms around Him. She clung to Him as if she would never let Him go.

Jesus pried her arms from Him and gently wiped the tears from her face. “Mary,” He said softly, “don’t you know you must not hold on to Me? I must go soon to my Father in Heaven. But what I said before is true. My Father is your Father, My God is your God. If you love Me and keep My word, My Father will love you. And We will come to you and make Our home with you always. Go tell my brethren this.” (from John 14:23-24)

Mary missed the joy because her focus was on her circumstance. Jesus was close to her and she didn’t know Him. Maybe while she sat in the garden weeping, He was standing near by. Her eyes were downcast and she never saw Him. She didn’t know He was alive.

“Just turn to Me.” He might have whispered. “Only open your eyes and look upon My face. I am here with you.”

Are you missing the joy?

Is Jesus calling your name today? Is He standing near by waiting for you to look at Him, to run to Him, to grab hold of Him?

Jesus went into the grave beaten. That first Easter morning He burst forth from the grave Victorious!

It was not all for nothing! His life, His work, His death was for a purpose. When all seemed lost, God’s plan went forward. Even sealed boulders and armed guards could not keep Him in the grave. It was NOT finished! The sacrifice was done, the price paid, but Life had just begun.

No matter what grief, no matter what pain, no matter what burdens you have, Jesus gives you Victory. Victory over darkness, victory over despair, victory over sin. Death is turned to life in our lives. Life that will go on forever and ever.

Darkness lifts, the Light is come! Life bursts forth from the grave! Justice is satisfied! Jesus is near by! All I can do is praise Him!


“A little while longer and the world will see Me no more, but you will see Me. Because I live, you will live also. At that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.” Mathew 14:19-20


Note: I have paraphrased and dramatized “The Crucifixion” and “The Risen” which are based mostly on Mathew 27:45-66, Mark 16:1 (for which women went to the tomb) Mathew 28:1-10, John 20:1-17 and also from The Story which combines all four gospels.

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“Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honor and glory and blessing!” Rev. 5:12

The day the Lamb of the world died, the noon sun became as dark as night. God’s Son cried out “My God, My God why have you abandoned me?”

It was a long road up to the hill called Place of the Skull. Jesus already had suffered much physical abuse. No longer able to go on, He fell with the heavy cross beam on His back and lay still.

A bystander, Simon from Cyrene, who had just entered the city from the country and had no idea what was going on, was forced by soldiers to carry the condemned Man’s cross.

What a welcome to the city! Crowds of people; some weeping, some running and some yelling insults to this condemned man who looked nearly dead. Simon must have been afraid. What if this man died on the way, would they nail him to the cross instead? Yet, Simon bent to lift the heavy beam off the beaten and bloodied back. It was then Simon gazed into the eyes of Jesus.

He was startled at what he saw there. Instead of the cold, rebellious eyes of a criminal, or the sorrowful, dead eyes of a beaten man, he saw gentle eyes, loving eyes, bright eyes full of compassion and understanding.   Simon didn’t realize he was looking into the face of his Savior, but that one gaze changed his life forever. He was never the same again, but how could you be after an encounter with the Living God.

It’s hard to imagine the pain Jesus endured. Whipped almost to the point of death, hit, kicked and with blood running down his face from the long thorns imbedded in His head, He was laid on the wooden cross and nails were driven through the palms of his hands. Then a large nail was pounded through both his feet together and into the wood. The pain must have been unbearable, yet He suffered in silence.

Once the cross was pulled upright and slammed into the hole, His body weight hanging on His arms caused the air to be cut off. Automatically His legs pushed up to hold the weight on His nailed feet. The pain that screamed through his shoulders and arms was excruciating. His back already beat into hamburger ground against the roughened timber. Blood ran in His eyes, pain shot up His legs from his pierced feet, yet He looked upon the soldiers gambling for His clothing and the people gathered around who were mocking Him. And He had compassion on them.

“Father forgive them!” He cried.   The One flogged, the One spit upon, the One scoffed, the One unjustly accused, the One nailed cruelly to a torture device said, “forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Two criminals were crucified with Him, One on the left and one on the right. One of them mocked Jesus, saying “If you are truly the Messiah, the Son of God who You claim to be, prove it by saving Yourself and us too!”

But the other criminal rebuked him, saying, “Do you not even have fear of God when you are dying! Unlike you and me who deserve our punishment, this Man has done NOTHING wrong!” He got it! Looking at Jesus, he pleaded, “Lord Jesus, remember me when you come into Your Kingdom.”

Jesus met the gaze of the criminal with love in His eyes, “Today,” He replied, “you will be with Me in paradise.”

If you will but ask, there is nothing Jesus can not forgive. His love for you is beyond understanding.

As Jesus. hung in agony, the people, many of whom a couple of days before had sung praises to Him, now shouted abuse. The religious leaders mocked Him saying, “He saved others but He can not save Himself. So He is the king of Israel, is He? Let him come down from the cross right now and we will believe Him.” Even the Roman soldiers scoffed at Him.

This King of Kings, Almighty God, Prince of Peace, could have, indeed, called ten thousand Angels to set Him free. I’m sure mighty winged warriors were lined up in Heaven, anxiously awaiting the command to destroy those who dared trample the Son of the Living God. To annihilate those who dared to crucify the one true, perfect Lamb on a cruel cross. To wipe out forever those who spat upon and mocked their adored Prince.

One call from those cracked lips and the world and all its inhabitants would have been blown to bits. But this God-Man, Jesus, chose to die, alone, for you and me. Only Love will do that.

They hung Jesus on the cross at 9:00 in the morning. After hanging there for several hours, He managed to raise His weary head and looking through a red haze of sweat and blood saw His mother, her sister, Mary and Mary Magdalene, weeping near the foot of the cross. Tears ran down His mother’s upturned face and her eyes were full of sorrow and grief. Jesus knew there was one more task He needed to complete.

“Dear woman, Mother of Mine,” He cried weakly, but loud enough for them to hear, ” do not be afraid. John will be like a son to you and will look after you.” To the disciple standing beside her he said, “John, from now on, treat her like your mother.”

That’s His nature, to always care for those He loves. “Do not be afraid or discouraged. I will never leave you or forsake you.” He told Joshua long ago. “I am with you always even to the end of the age” He told His disciples just before He disappeared in the clouds.

No matter what we go through, no matter how desperate our situation, Jesus is always with us. Sometimes He delivers us from the trial and sometimes He walks beside us holding us up, helping us over the rough places.

At noon the sun became as dark as night. The wrath of God poured out upon His one and only sinless Son. Jesus who had endured silently to this point cried out, “My God, why have you forsaken Me?”

You see since before the beginning of time, the Father, His Son, and the Spirit had been one, together in perfect harmony always, through all things. Until now. Now they were ripped apart. For the Son had the sins of the world, all of them that you and me and everyone else who ever lived or ever will live, placed on Him. Jesus carried the sins of all man kind and His Father could not stand to be near Him, or even to look at Him.

For a moment in time and we don’t know how long, the Son was forsaken by His Father. Jesus, the perfect Son of God was completely alone in a darkness full of evil. This I believe is what killed Him. Death on the cross is very slow and comes as the victim suffocates when the legs become too weak to hold the body weight. Jesus died after only 6 hours and even Pilate was amazed He was dead so soon.

I think the grief and pain of His loving Father’s abandonment squeezed His heart until it shattered into a million pieces. Jesus, the Prince of Heaven, could not bear being ripped from His Father’s presence where He had been for all time. His human heart could not endure the despair of being plunged into utter darkness and buried beneath the unimaginable weight of the terrible evil of all man kind.

He cried out, “Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit.”

Then that compassionate, merciful, shattered heart ceased to beat.

At that moment, God’s wrath was satisfied. The earth shook violently. The sun turned black the day was a dark as night. Huge rocks split in two. People who had been dead for ages came out of the tombs and walked among the living.

The heavy curtain in the sanctuary of the Temple was torn from top to bottom. Signifying that no longer is there a barrier between man and God. No longer does God burn with wrath for His crown creation because of their bent for evil. No longer is there an inner sanctuary where God dwells that only a priest may enter and plead forgiveness for God’s people.

For now the blood of Christ flows, free. A fountain flowing to wash away the sins of the all man kind. No longer does the presence of God dwell in a temple, but now He will enter into any open heart willing to accept Him.

Now you can fall on your knees at the foot of the cross and lift your tear-stained face to the Savior. Now you can ask forgiveness from the Lamb and His blood flowing from that stained cross will wash you clean.

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.” Romans 10:9-10 NLT

“But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. And since we have been made right in God’s sight by the blood of Christ, He will certainly save us from God’s wrath.” Romans 5:8-9 NLT






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This is so applicable for today I had to reblog. Maybe a different heart ache and a new set of problems, but the need is still there all the same. A good reminder to me (it popped up in my memories on fb) so I thought it might be for you too.

Prairie Wind

Running Running
“Why are you in despair, oh my soul? And why are you disturbed within me?” Ps. 42:11 amp
Exactly how I feel.

“Why, God, do I feel so down?”

Cast down is how the NKJ puts it, or downcast as the NIV says. These all describe how I’m feeling this morning. Disturbed inside, anxious and a bit worried.

Yes worried. Fretting. What-if’s fill my mind and I am striving to get everything done. Household chores, mowing, yard work; I must get it all done before I leave for Billings to pick up the kids. Yet it rains, grass is too wet for mowing or trimming. I’m out of gas. I feel run down from a cold. Frustrations.

Where is my peace? What about those seeds of hope I planted? Where are the blooms of joy?

Seeds are planted but it takes the heat of the sun, moisture…

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Our Redeemer


There was a hush over the land. It was the Sabbath and the streets of Jerusalem were empty. A dark day indeed as the followers of Jesus sat in stunned disbelief of the events that had happened with their leader and mentor the day before.

I imagine that day as being gloomy, dark, maybe even raining, but it might have been sunny with a blue sky.  The followers might have wondered why this day, after their dear friend had suffered so much and died, was so bright and cheery.  The day should have matched their hearts.

The memories of the horrific crucifixion of their beloved teacher, brought back the horror and fear anew, yet there was a feeling of expectation to this day. A hushed waiting as they hid in fear.

Just the previous evening there had been several things, unbelievable things, miraculous things, happen that played through their minds over and over.

As Jesus hung in agony on the cross, darkness fell over the whole land at noon. The ones who were near the cross, heard him yell in a loud voice, “It is finished! Father into Your hands I commit my spirit.” His head fell forward, His body became limp.

At that moment the earth began to shake, huge boulders split in two, and tombs opened. Amazingly, many godly men and women who had died were raised from the dead and they walked about the cemetery. Many saw them in Jerusalem later, after Jesus was resurrected.

It was reported that at the moment that Jesus breathed His last, the great curtain between the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies was ripped in two. A thick curtain that had been there for centuries suddenly split apart indicating that no longer is there a wall between God and His people. No longer do we need to be separated from God because of our sins. No longer do we need to go through a priest and sacrifices to be made pure in God’s eyes.

Jesus, the perfect Son of God is the blameless Lamb, the sacrifice made once and for all, for our sins. He bore my sins and your sins on that cross. The sins of all mankind came between Jesus and His Father whom He had been with from before the creation of the world. He was forsaken by the One, whom He had never been apart.

Where was Jesus that day when His followers hid in fear and grief? We don’t know, His body lay in a tomb that was sealed with a huge stone and guarded by Roman soldiers, but did He go to His Father?  Did He descend to the bowls of the earth?  Was He talking to the people who had been raised from the dead, telling them about His great Victory to come? We don’t know.

What we do know is this: Jesus bore our sins. He paid the price. Justice was satisfied on that cross. The curtain was torn in two.

Now by believing in Jesus and asking Him to be your Savior your sins can be washed away. You can be made white as snow. If you follow Jesus, nothing will stand between you and God.

We can enter into His presence. He is with us for all time. When life on earth is done we will meet our Lord in Heaven and be with Him forever and ever.

This is the day! This dark day when the followers of Jesus were in hushed confusion, is the day the light is dawning. The day God made a way for us to be His children.

Come to Jesus today. Believe. Follow Him. Trust Him. Obey Him. Give your heart and life to Him. Begin a relationship with Him and discover His love!

Today is the DAY!

Hebrews 10:19-22 NLT
“And so, dear brothers and sisters, we can boldly enter Heaven’s Most Holy Place because of the blood of Jesus.
By His death Jesus opened a new and life-giving way through the curtain into the Most Holy Place.
And since we have a great High Priest who rules over God’s house, let us go right into the presence of God with sincere hearts fully trusting Him.
For our guilty consciences have been sprinkled with Christ’s blood to make us clean, our bodies have been washed with pure water.”

For those of you who know Him, but, much like the disciples, are overwhelmed this day by fear, anxiety, loneliness or depression, hold on to Him. He is your hope your strength and your comforter. Enter into His presence. Praise Him!  Trust your God.

Verses 23-25: “Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep His promise.
Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.
And let us not neglect our meeting together as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that THE DAY OF HIS RETURN IS DRAWINGN NEAR.”

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Ransom—A price paid to free someone from slavery, bondage or kidnappers.

“When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners. Now most people would not be willing to die for an upright person, though someone might perhaps be willing to die for a person who is especially good. But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” Romans 5:7-8 NLT

Long ago, in ancient times, a man was thrown into prison for a debt he could not pay. He had tried to earn the money but putting food on the table and buying clothes for his family had taken every penny he owed. He sat in the dark, dank dungeon for a long time wondering if he would ever see the light of day or feel the warmth of the sun again. He knew his family was poor and had no means to pay his ransom so he had not even a glimmer of hope for freedom. There was no way he could pay his debt, no way he could buy his ransom from prison. There were men in prison with him who had been there a long time, and tales were told of many who had lain rotting until death claimed them. He sat with his head down day after day. There was no hope. He would die alone in this stinking darkness.

However the man’s brother loved him and decided he would earn his ransom price no matter what it cost him. He worked long hours late into the night to earn extra money. He pleaded with all the man’s friends and relatives for any amount of money they could give. After many months, maybe a year or more, of much hard work, the ransom cost was raised. The brother took the ransom money to the judge, who gave the order to set the man free.

Can you imagine the man’s surprise when the jailer said someone had paid his debt, that the ransom had been paid? “You are free to go” were words sweet to his ears. Can you just imagine his joy when the light of day blinded his eyes and he felt the warmth of the sun on his face? Can you imagine the wonder when his brother gave him a big hug and his family rejoiced and celebrated his freedom?

What a picture of the our redemption, of our ransom paid with the blood of Jesus.

“For, there is one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and humanity, the man Christ Jesus. He gave His life to purchase freedom for everyone.” 1 Timothy 2:5-6 NLT

“For you know that God paid a ransom to save you from the empty life you inherited from your ancestors. And it was not paid with mere gold or silver, which lose their value. It was the precious blood of Christ, the sinless, spotless Lamb of God. God chose Him as your ransom long before the world began, but now in these last days He has been revealed for your sake.” I Peter 1:18-19

Jesus says in Matthew 20:28 “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give His life as a ransom for many.”

Jesus, my friend, paid your ransom price. He paid the debt you could not pay. You were born with the debt and you added to the debt as your life has gone on.

“For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard” Romans 3:23 NLT

But Jesus, the Holy Son of God, the Prince of Peace, the Bright Morning Star has offered up the ransom price for your sins. He paid your debt with His death and blood on the cross.

Of course He didn’t stay in the grave. He had victory over death. He rose again to live so that we can have eternal life with Him in Glory. Those of us who love Him, follow a living God who walks with us here on earth every step of the way, giving us life abundantly through His Spirit. When we leave this earth, He will lead us to the Home He has prepared for us. We will step into the Light of the Son and feel the warmth and incredible joy of His presence and love.

Can you imagine this man in prison saying, “Naw, that could never happen. I don’t have a brother who would love me enough to do that. I don’t believe you.” Can you imagine him hanging his head and refusing to leave the darkness? Refusing the redemption that is offered him? Oh to sit in the moldy, stinking, dark cell refusing salvation, when he could walk in the light!

If you do not know Jesus this day, do not refuse His offer of redemption. He has paid your ransom. He stands at the prison door with arms outstretched saying, “Come. Come to me before its too late. Before the prison door is locked FOREVER. Come.”

  Jesus says, “Look! I stand at the door (of your heart) and knock. If you hear MY voice and open the door, I will come in and we will share a meal together as friends.” (Know you as a friend, have a relationship with you) Revelations 3:20 NLT

Leave the darkness, grab the hand of Jesus, walk into the light. Accept Him as your Savior. Ask Him to forgive your sins. He will. Every one. Make Him boss of your life. Follow Him, trust Him, cleave to Him, obey Him all the rest of your days.

Feel the warmth of His love. Experience His peace that surpasses understanding. Walk in His path. Let Him guide your steps. Rely on Him for everything you need. Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. He will be with you all the way, every day, of your life. And when you leave this earth you will be ushered into the Glorious Home He has prepared for you. And you will be with Him forever and ever.

Now, right now walk out of the darkness. Step into the Light.


“For this is how God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son so that everyone who believes (follows, trusts, relies on, cleaves to, obeys) in Him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent His Son into the world not to judge the world but to save the world through Him.

There is no judgment against anyone who believes in Him. But anyone who does not believe in Him has already been judged for not believing in God’s one and only Son.

And the judgment is based on this fact: God’s light came into the world, but the people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil. All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed. (evil is anything that is against God’s standards and values)

But those who do what is right come to the light so others can see that they are doing what God wants.”
John 3:16-21 NLT

“If you openly declare Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith (allegiance to God) that you are saved.
For anyone who calls on the name of the Lord, (for redemption) will be saved.” Romans 10:9-19, 13


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I ran across the article I had written some time ago, when thumbing through an old notebook.  I realized I very much needed the reminder of this right now.  Today.  I could see I have been focusing on my troubles, letting little worries and big concerns overwhelm me and stomp my joy.

“Give them to me,” my Savior seemed to say, “put them all in my hands and RELAX.  Relax and enjoy the day.  I have given this day to you.  Live in it, lean on Me and let Me handle everything.  I will give you strength for the day.”

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, all whose thoughts are FIXED on You!
Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.
But for those who are righteous, the way is not steep and rough. You are a God who does what is right, and You smooth out the path ahead of them.
Lord, we show our trust in You by obeying Your laws; our heart’s desire is to glorify Your name.
In the night I search for You. In the morning I earnestly seek you. For only when You come to judge the earth will people learn what is right.” Isaiah 26:3-4, 7-9 NLT



Is there such a thing on earth? Perfect peace. Can we even attain it in our trouble filled world? With our worry riddled minds? No WE can not. But GOD CAN.
God’s peace is not the world’s peace, His peace goes beyond anything we can understand. God gives me peace, I don’t attain it. Trust is the key to perfect peace. Did you catch that in the verses above?

God will keep me in perfect peace IF I trust in Him and IF my thoughts are fixed on Him.
Focusing on God, on His presence, is the key to trust. Fixing my thoughts on Him all day, every moment of the day keeps my mind off my circumstances.
I need to keep my mind on Him. Talk to Him. Tell Him my troubles. Pour out my heart to Him.

When I begin to worry—which I do all the time, sometimes silly things, sometimes legitimate worries—but when I start to worry, I need to give it to Him, every time. EVERY time.

I shouldn’t even let those worries take root. I should say immediately, “God has this. He will take care of it. He is mighty. His strength is bigger than my worry. I trust in God.”
I should not say, “How much can a person take?” I can take as much as He gives. I should not look at difficulties and weigh my strength against them. Its NOT my strength that carries me through.  I should ask, “How much can my Jesus take?”

Jesus walked the path of loneliness, hunger, poverty, rejection, homelessness, and betrayal on this earth. He withstood excruciating pain and great suffering on our behalf.
His power is great. In His short life on earth, Jesus turned water into wine, even this a minor miracle, boggles my mind. He healed the sick and dying, walked on water, stilled the raging storms and raised the dead. Every single sin of the world was laid on Him, when He died on the cross. Jesus has a very strong back. He is, after all, the Son of God.



God the Father controls the universe and all that He created. He keeps it in place with His word. He is supreme, God All Mighty, Keeper of the stars and Ruler of Heaven’s armies.

This is the power and strength that I can call on, that will carry me through troubles. God can handle it no matter how wide the problem, or how deep the sorrow or how high the wall. He will enable me to get through it, to tread waters of grief or climb steep cliffs of adversity. Its God’s strength NOT mine.

Worry is a joy robber and a peace stomper. I don’t need to worry. I don’t need to fret, I don’t need to be anxious, not even for a minute.
I need to run to the Peace Maker.

Steps to fixing your mind on God.

1. Focusing on God keeps your mind from fretting. To focus on God, be aware of His presence. Talk to Him, give Him your problems, your worries. Talk to Him about any thing and everything, even seemingly trivial things. Nothing is too small, and nothing is too big for our God.
Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light of Your presence, Lord. They rejoice all day long in Your wonderful reputation. They exult in Your righteousness. You are their glorious strength. It pleases You to make us strong. Yes our protection comes from the Lord.” Psalm 89:15-18 NLT

2. Praise Him! Praise opens the gates to His presence. Praise makes us aware of Him. Bask in His presence. Sit quietly in His light. Soak up His radiance. Literally open your mind to Him. Let His love and peace flow into your mind and heart.

Shout with joy to the Lord, all the earth!
Worship the Lord with gladness.
Come before Him, singing with joy.
Acknowledge that the Lord is God! He made us, and we are His. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.
Enter His gates with thanksgiving. Go into His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and praise His name.
For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever! His faithfulness continues to each generation!” Psalm 100 NLT

3. Thank Him in all things and for all things. Be grateful. It’s hard to fret and grumble when we are giving thanks. Sometimes we don’t feel like thanking Him for anything, much less the undesirable things in our lives. Like snow in October! That’s where the sacrifice of thanksgiving comes in. We lay our thanksgiving on the alter. We bind them with cords of praise so they don’t fly away, and grumbling takes over once again.

When we thank God for some undesired circumstance we are submitting to His will in our lives.  Even when it seems all wrong.
Thankfulness is not a feeling, it’s a choice. This is God’s will.

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in ALL circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” I Thes. 5:16-17

4. Refuse to worry. Refuse! Don’t allow anxiety to enter your being. This is easier said than done, I have found. As I get older, anxiety slithers into my mind and I am totally unaware of it until I find myself gnawing on the bone of worry. Suddenly I am fretting over some small thing. Often, big worries overwhelm me. I must always, every time, lay them at the feet of Jesus. Give them into His capable hands. Thank Him ahead of time for taking care of my problems no matter how big or how small. Praise Him for answering the way He knows is best, even if it seems all wrong.

It’s a constant fight. Prayer, thanksgiving, praise and His Word are weapons against worry.

That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life—whether you have enough food or drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than food and your body more than clothing?
Look at the birds they don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your Heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to Him than they are? Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?
So don’t worry about these things, saying, “What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear? These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your Heavenly Father already knows all your needs.
Seek the Kingdom of God (His presence, His Will in your life) above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.
So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” Mathew 6:25-27, 31-34 NLT (that’s what I always do, worry about what might happen, when it may never happen.)

5. Trust Him. Take His hand. Lean on Him. Hide in the shelter of His wings. Focusing on God leads to trust. Knowing Him through His word helps us trust Him. Remembering what He has done in the past in our lives and in lives of others keeps up our confidence.
When worry comes, say, “I trust You. You will take care of it.” All the time. Lay everything at His feet. If you take it back, lay it down again. And again. Every time you start to fret or worry, give it to Him. EVERY TIME.

Trust Him no matter what happens, no matter how bad the situation, no matter how dark the night. Trust Him when trusting is the hardest thing to do.

Trust in the Lord and do good. Then you will live safely in the land and prosper.
Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.
Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him and He will help you.” Psalm 27:3-5 NLT
The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust Him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving. The Lord gives His people strength. He is a safe fortress for His anointed king.” Psalm 28:7-8 NLT

His peace is unworldly, out of this world, unnatural, super natural. His peace goes beyond understanding, beyond human explanation. His peace does not depend on circumstances but it depends on the God of the universe. The Mighty One.

He gives perfect peace only when I trust Him. When I worry, when I look at my own strength, when I depend on my abilities, when I forget that Jesus walks with me and holds my hand, peace evaporates like mist in the air. Worry stomps peace.

Jesus is the one who holds my hand. He lifts me up with His strong arm. I need to give it to the Peace Maker and the Joy Giver every time.

Stand on the Rock. He is bigger than you. He is stronger than your problems. He is mightier than the entire universe. He fights for you. He stands beside you. He holds your hand. He gives perfect peace. He is the Peace Giver.

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged , for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.
For I hold you by your right hand—I, the lord your God. And I say to you, “Don’t be afraid, I am here to help you.” Isaiah 41:10,13 NLT

The Lord is my light and my salvation, so why should I be afraid? The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble?
Though a mighty army surrounds me, my heart will not be afraid. Even if I am attacked (which I am by my enemies of fear, anxiety, doubt, worry, anger ect. All the time) I will remain confident.
The one thing I ask of the Lord—the thing I seek most—is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, (in His presence) delighting in the lord’s perfections and meditating in His temple.
For He will conceal me there when troubles come.
He will hide me in His sanctuary.
He will place me out of reach on a HIGH rock.
Wait patiently for the Lord.
Be brave and courageous.
Yes wait patiently for the Lord.” Psalm 27:1, 3-5, 14

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THE WAR 7 The Battle Belongs to God

Prairie Wind

I wrote this in 2012, many months after my son went Home to Glory.  I just reread it so thought I would share it again.



 “Then all the people shall know that the Lord does not save with a sword and spear for the battle is the Lord’s and He will give you into our hands!” 1Sam. 17:4


            Fear roared through the land of Canaan like a mighty title wave.  Two major cities had been utterly destroyed, all the people and their kings completely wiped out.  Another royal city, Gibeon had turned coat tails and signed a peace treaty with the invaders.  These no-bodies who had come out of no-where who claimed to be the people of a non-existent God, the One and Only God, were creeping over the land like a mighty swarm of grasshoppers intensely bent on gobbling up all who…

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“Moses told the people, “Don’t be afraid. Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today. The Egyptians you see today will never be seen again.
The Lord Himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”
Exodus 14:13-14

Jacob, son of Isaac, was heading home, back to his birth land of Canaan after being with his uncle for 20 years in Abraham’s old stomping grounds. Having snuck away from his uncle/father-in-law he and his large company were keeping a low profile as they traveled several days from Haran. Sneaking and conniving came pretty easy for Jacob, which means deceiver or usurper, one to take and hold by force without legal right. Jacob bulled his way through life fighting and scrabbling for every inch he gained.

Before Jacob was born he struggled with his brother, more than likely trying to get the best spot in the womb. Jacob was born trying to gain control. He was holding his twin brother’s foot, as if saying, “Get a move on brother! If you’re not going to go, then let me by!” Or in other words, “Move it or tie it up and milk it!”

As he grew to adulthood he lived up to his name. By taking advantage of his brother’s famished and exhausted state after hunting, Jacob manipulated Esau into trading his right of inheritance as the oldest son for a bowl of lentil stew. Then with his mother’s help, he tricked his father, Isaac, into giving him the blessing reserved for the first born son. The blessing was the spoken announcement of the inheritance and the proclamation of the next head of the household or clan.

In anger and frustration Esau, cries, “No wonder his name is Jacob, for now he has cheated me twice. First he took my rights as first born and now he has stolen my blessing. Oh, haven’t you saved one little blessing for me?”

After that Esau hated his brother and schemed to kill him. So, their mother told Jacob to flee to her brother’s land until Esau simmered down.

Jacob has an encounter with God the first night on the road. After laying down to sleep with his head on a rock, he dreams of a stairway leading to Heaven. On the stairway were many angels going up and down.


At the top stood the Lord and this is what he told Jacob, “I am the Lord, the God of your grandfather Abraham, and the God of your father, Isaac. The ground you are lying on belongs to you. I am giving it to you and your descendants. Your descendants will be as numerous as the dust of the earth! They will spread out in all directions to the west and the east to the north and the south. And all families of the earth will be blessed through you and your descendants.

What’s more I am with you, and I will protect you wherever you go. One day I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have finished everything I have promised you.” (Gen. 28:13-15)

Jacob went on his merry way and met his future wife, Rachel, his uncle, Laban, and the whole family in Heran. The deceiver was deceived by his uncle, funny thing, and Jacob ended up with the wrong sister for a wife. After working 7 long years for beautiful Rachel, the girl of his dreams, Laban gave him the oldest daughter, Leah instead.

Then Laban made Jacob promise to work another 7 years for Rachel. That’s 14 years! But he got two for the price of one. Whether he wanted them or not.

Laban’s flocks and herds flourished under the herdsmanship of Jacob for 20 years and Jacob learned a lot about animal husbandry. He learned that Laban’s goats had a large gene pool of spotted and striped goats so he asked Laban for all the multicolored goats for back wages. Well the master deceiver, Uncle Laban, pulled another fast one on Jacob by hiding all the spotted and striped goats. However Jacob knew a thing or two about breeding. He bred the multicolored goats to multicolored goats and got a lot of spots and strips.

He also bred the strong goats to his spotted goats and so came out with a lot of multicolored strong goats. He also found the herd of spotted goats, Laban was hiding, and turned the other goats in with them. Thus more spotted goats. And so forth with all the black sheep, so he amassed a large amount of stock. Or in other words, wealth. It also really helped to have Almighty God on his side blessing him.

However things didn’t work out too well with his father-in-law and cousins. The relationship was a little bit tense over the spotted goat thing, so Jacob was itching to take off for home. Surely his brother had forgotten all about his transgressions by now and was willing to let bygones be bygones. However Jacob waited until God gave him the word to return.

“Its ok, Jacob, to go back now to the land of your father and grandfather. I will be with you always.” God told him on day.

Jacob also had learned a thing or two about women. He asked his two wives, actually he had four wives, but he asked the two sisters what they thought about moving far away from their father, before he made the move. Smart man. They thought it a good idea since they wouldn’t inherit anything from their father anyway and all the wealth that Jacob had would go to their kids.

Jacob was indeed a wealthy man with lots of animals and servants, but he almost caused an outright war with his uncle/father-in-law by sneaking Laban’s daughters and grandchildren away without so much as a fare-thee-well or kiss or blessing. Made Laban very upset. God protected Jacob, however, by telling Laban not to harm him.

Seven days into Jacob’s journey to Canaan, Laban caught up to them, with an army of relatives. Heaven forbid! Relatives of all things! After some tense discussion and much back peddling on Jacob’s part, Laban sent them on their way with a tentative peace treaty and a border between them, which is still the border between Israel and Aram (Syria).

So far Jacob’s life has been full of strife and struggle, for every step he has made forward, he seems to slip back several leaps. He has learned to listen to God, but everything he does, all his accomplishments, come with much struggle. Nothing is easy for Jacob. He schemes, he plans, he stretches the truth, he tricks and he deceives. He pushes and fights and scrabbles for his way. God just keeps on blessing him. But God is not finished with him yet. He is teaching and refining Jacob in the refiner’s fire.

As Jacob starts out on the journey once again, he sees in the distance a great company coming to meet him. As they get closer, he sees tall, shimmering beings. They are white and radiant like lightning and they carry large swords and shields. There are many of them. Jacob and company stand with mouths hanging open watching as these great beings surrounded them.

“Holy cow!” Jacob exclaims, “this is God’s army! He has sent an escort!”

So Jacob and party; many herds and flocks and herdsmen and servants, not to mention 11 kids and four wives are shuffling, marching and riding their way back to Canaan. And Jacob is dreading the reunion with his rugged-mountain-man-angry brother, hoping against hope that Esau has mellowed a bit with age.

Thinking that he better not leave this meeting to chance or even to God’s providence, Jacob sends a message to Esau informing him that the black sheep of the family is coming home with many—well, black sheep. The servants come back with the news that Esau is coming to meet his long, lost brother with an army of 400 men.

Jacob panics. In fact he is terrified. Did he forget about the mighty angelic army that accompanies them? I mean it’s only been a few weeks since he witnessed that amazing sight of angels all around them. Did he forget that God had told him, not once but twice that He would always be with him? Oh Jacob is so like me.

Jacob divides his company into two groups thinking if Esau attacked one group then the other group could escape. Then Jacob did a wise thing, he prayed to His God.
“Oh Lord, please rescue me from the hands of my brother, Esau. I am afraid that he is coming to attack me, along with my wives and children.” (Gen. 32:11)

Jacob lays his fears and burdens at the Lord’s feet. However, he doesn’t leave it in God’s hands. Taking control of the situation, Jacob picks out many goats, sheep, camels, cows and donkeys, each in a herd of their own kind and sent ahead with a herdsman and this message. “They belong to your servant Jacob, but they are a gift for his master Esau. Look, he is coming right behind us.” In other words, Don’t worry Esau I’m not going to hold you to our father’s blessing about me being your master and all that. That’s just plain silly.

So Jacob tried to appease his brother with gifts and hidden messages as he sent the herds out one at a time to meet Esau. Then Jacob stayed where he was for the night. He must have not slept a wink and during the night he got real worried so he gathered up his wives, children and all his possessions and crossed over to the other side, the south side, of the Jabbok river. I’m not sure what that was about since Esau was coming from the south. Does he hope that if Esau comes he will take his family and things and leave him alone?

Then he went back to hide in his camp and was all alone.Suddenly from out of the dark, a man attacked. Jacob found himself in a wrestling match fighting, it seems, for his life. Is this someone sent from his brother? Or has Laban sent an assailant to do him in? Or is it just some robber from out of no where looking to steal all his wealth? Whoever it is the man is strong, but Jacob holds his own. One thing about living the outdoor life of a herdsman and running from relatives, it makes a person tough

The man could not prevail against Jacob, so he touched Jacob’s hip and the socket was wrenched out of joint. Ouch! I’ve had that happen before and it hurts a bit! However, Jacob just keeps the man in a death grip. Maybe he has him pinned. Maybe, since dawn is breaking, he gets a good look at his face. Or maybe because of the touch on the hip and the searing pain, the lights go on for Jacob. He suddenly knows Who he is fighting.

How many times have I been fighting God and He has taken the fight right out of me? How many times has He knocked me down, then lifted me up and carried me in His arms? God has given us a free will that He will not force, but sometimes He makes it really hard to fight.

“Let me go, for dawn is breaking!” The Man cries.

“Nope,” Jacob stubbornly says, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”  Aww those blessings, Jacob strives for every one of them.

“What is your name?” The man asks. What are you like?

“Jacob.” Deceiver, usurper, controller.

“Your name will no longer be Jacob,” the Man told him, “from now on you will be called Israel, God fights, because you have fought against God and against men and have won.” And now God will fight FOR you.

Jacob doesn’t stop to think about that, he just demands, “What’s your name?” Does he think he can get the upper hand with God? Demand his way with the God of the universe?

The Man says, “Why do you want to know my name?” You know who I am. Then, as He has always done for Jacob, God blesses him right there.

Indeed, Jacob knew who he was fighting since he named the place Peniel which means Face of God. “Since I have seen God face to face, yet my life has been spared.” God didn’t kill me, in fact, He blessed me. He fights for me, He’s got my back. Ok world here I come! Brother beware!

All his life Jacob had been self sufficient, taking control, taking things into his own hands, fighting for those blessings. Oh, Jacob acknowledged God and sought His favor, but he wanted God to be in the back seat of the chariot, not holding the reins.

Jacob even saw Angels sent from God to protect his family, yet he doubted that protection. In a dream God told Jacob He would be with him forever, yet Jacob relied on himself for everything. Jacob didn’t know it, but basically he was fighting God his whole life and God finally took the fight right out of him.

Oh I am so much like Jacob. I hate to admit it but it’s true. I want to control a difficult situation. Oh when things are going good I say, God is blessing me, He has my best interests in mind. But when things get tough I want to step in and take the reins. I want to DO something to get the results I desire.

Such as, with John’s knee surgery and all the roller coaster doctor visits and scheduled surgery dates that have been canceled, I want to march up to those doctors (both at the same time) grab them by the throats, and yell, “What are you doing! My husband is in pain, he hobbles wherever he goes! And what do you do? You send us on all these goose chases and play your little games until you decide its ok for him to have his new knee. All while he is suffering!” Then I’d shake the daylights out of them.

Yes that’s what I want to do, but God says, “Wait. Just wait. I have this.”

God has even told me I can walk on water as long as I keep my focus on Him. That He is in the boat and He will calm the storm, no matter how big it is. But do I remember this? No, like Jacob, I forget about the legions of angels sent to surround and protect us.

All this time of waiting; waiting to get the bone marrow test done, waiting for the results, then waiting to see if the blood pressure medicine is causing the low white blood count, I worry and fret.

Bless us God! I demand. Give John his new knee! Take away his pain. I strive with God for my way. I’m determined to get the results I want.

The name Israel means, God fights. Instead of Jacob fighting God, now God would fight for Jacob. So I need to give it all to God, lay it at His feet. Stop fighting for my way, stop striving, stop controlling and let God fight for me.

Jacob left Peniel and crossed the river to where his family waited. This time, walking with a limp, he started out in FRONT of his family. No longer bowed down with fear, he held his head high and marched right up to his big hairy brother and the army of 400 men. Then he bowed to the ground, not just once but 7 times.

Interesting, 7 signifies completeness or it is finished. Is Jacob saying, I am done fighting, I am done striving, I am done conniving, I have God to fight for me now, with Him I am complete?

With robs flapping, Esau ran up to Jacob, grabbed him off the ground and wrapped him in a great big bear hug. Then both brothers wept. They caught up for a bit and Jacob introduced his family. Then Esau invited them to accompany him back home to Seir in Edom.

One more time Jacob couldn’t help a bit of a deceit. He told his brother that all the children and young animals were tired out from the journey so they would come along at their own pace. And they would meet him in Seir. So Esau and his army set out to the south for home.

Jacob then promptly headed north where he set up camp to rest, then he marched his group west across the Jordan river to Shechem, the land of Canaan where he bought land and settled for a few years before he moved farther south.

Great way to get rid of those relatives!  A little bit of doubt must have remained. Jacob didn’t quite trust his brother, or maybe he didn’t quite trust his God, enough to tell Esau that he was headed to Canaan.

Just goes to show that even after God changes me or trains me, my old ornery self just might come through a time or two, but God is patient.  He continues to refine me.

Praise the Lord! The results on the bone marrow biopsy was normal, nothing is wrong with John. He has chronic idiopathic neutrophilia, which is naturally low neutrophil (white) blood count. And the hematologist approved the surgery. It is now scheduled for March 11th. Hallelujah! God is good!

Yet, like Jacob, I shrink from this battle. Will it really happen? If it does will the surgery be a success? Will John recover quickly? Will he be able to fight off infection? Will I be patient with him during recovery?  Will the doctor change his mind again? If he does I’m going to grab him by the—-and then I remember Jacob’s angels.

And another story comes to mind:  Elisha was faced with a large army of Arameans coming to seize him since the prophet was good at telling the king of Israel all the Arameans battle secrets. In the morning Elisha’s servant went out and saw a huge army of armed soldiers surrounding the city where they were.
“Oh, sir,” he cried to Elisha, “What will we do now?”
“Don’t be afraid!” Elisha told him. “For there are more on our side than on theirs!” Then he asked God, “O Lord, open his eyes and let him see!”
The servant looked up and his eyes grew wide in amazement. On the hills surrounding them was a vast number of horses and chariots of fire, blazing bright as lightning in the morning light.  2 Kings 6:8-17


God has our backs. He is holding us in His hands. He fights for us. God will fight the battle. And He always wins.

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Liberating the Frogs

No this didn’t happen today or a couple of days ago. Toads would have been toast or icefrogs. This happened a few summers ago. Thought the thought of summer things would be encouraging today. Have fun with the toads!

Prairie Wind

“He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire, he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth and a hymn of praise to our God.” Ps. 40:1-3

Frogs! Lots of them in the basement window well. One was sitting like a statue, staring longingly at the spider that reclined happily on its web on the inside of the glass. Stupid frogs! I said to myself as I went back upstairs to finish the dishes. Don’t they know they’ll die in that hole? Eventually when the bugs run out and there is no water. Don’t they know they are caught, imprisoned, captured and trapped? Stupid frogs.
Well, they were just frogs after all so I wasn’t going to worry about them. Let them take care of themselves. However…

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Suffering of Job part 2

Prairie Wind


*“Soft as the voice of an angel, breathing a lesson unheard

Hope with a gentle persuasion, whispers a comforting word.

Wait till the darkness is over, wait till the tempests is done

Hope for the sunshine tomorrow after the darkness is gone.

Whispering Hope oh how welcome Thy voice

Making my heart in its sorrow rejoice.”

            Like a tornado rampaging through the land, troubles whirled into Job’s life tearing everything he held dear to smithereens.  His wealth, his livestock, his servants and, even worse, all of his children gone in the blink of an eye.  It was enough to knock even a strong man of faith to the ground.

Then one day in the glorious throne room of God the heavenly court of angels presented themselves before the Lord.  Once again Satan, the Accuser went with them.

“Where have you been?”  God asked Satan.

“I have been…

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